Book Chapters

“Broken Bodies: Film, Torture, and Ethics,” in Kupensky, Nick and Kang Tchou, eds. The Humanities in a Post-Humanistic Era. Aperçus: Histories Texts Cultures 7. Ed. Greg Clingham. Bucknell University Press, forthcoming 2018.

“It Takes Three to Tango: Reading, Teaching, and Challenging Queer Literature in the South,” with Khirsten Doolan, in Strunk, Kamden K. Queering the Deep South. Information Age Publishing, forthcoming 2018.

Book Reviews

Latin American Cinema. Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, vol. 36, no. 2, 2016, Accessed 13 Nov. 2016.

Manuscripts in Progress

“Les homes les plus humains ne font pas la revolution, mademoiselle”: Godard, Revolutionary Violence and Terror. For submission to Studies in French Cinema.

Cinema, Ethics, and Politics: Torture and State Violence in Historical Fiction Films. Manuscript in progress. Estimated date of completion: August 2018.


“Early Revolutionary Cuban Film 1961-1968: Ideology, Aesthetics, Censorship.” Cinespect 9 Dec. 2011. Web.